Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower


When it comes to workouts, you see a myriad number of roads going in all directions. Every way will get you to your destination, eventually, but things aren’t that simple. There are time constraints, budget constraints, dietary restrictions, other things to do; the list goes on and on. Furthermore, one cannot be suggested an ‘optimum’ route as everyone has different targets. However, here is a machine which is designed to cater to the needs of a different people, be it teenagers, elders, seniors and so on.


 Utilizes a DCS; Drum Magnetic Control system

The Velocity Magnetic Rower operates using electronic magnets within the drum to vary resistance. This is not a new feature in rowing machines but much better than the traditional route which involves chains which operate quite noisily. This is an ideal option for congested places where different people are residing together or in office areas.

LCD displays for real-time feedback on different variables

The LCD display is another one of the many highlights this machine has to offer. The display is well-lit and the size is adequate for viewing data from the seat without much hassle such as squinting your eyes and such. You get to view the distance covered, calories burnt, number of strokes (in a minute) and of course, a counter for your progress and displays pulse as well.

A seat designed for maximum comfort and long duration use

The seat is made of polyurethane leather and is reported as very comfortable by a number of test users. The padding is just right and can be moved accordingly as well.


The Velocity Magnetic Rower excels not only in serving its purpose well but also not requiring much attention in terms of servicing and maintenance. The device is equipped with dual bearings which make for an improved working life along with ensuring uniform performance, be it the day it was bought or two, three years later. However, careful and sensible use is recommended.


The device can be folded away for easy storage. Simply detach the knob locking the rail and after folding, place back in to lock back the seat. Now you can place it accordingly. The wheels make it quite mobile.


  • Quiet and smooth operation. The best compared to other technologies such as flywheels and water operated.
  • High on comfort. The seat, hand and foot grips have been designed after research into the best postures and designed accordingly.
  • Employs a dual bearing assembly allowing for extended working life
  • Can easily be folded after use. Also can be easily assembled and disassembled for transportation
  • LCD display provides extensive real time information


  • Warranty period falls short as compared to the standard duration in the market. Same products of different companies offers more warranty
  • The LCD display requires an A/C adapter plugged into it, hence the need for being located near a wall power socket arises.


With almost 50 5-star reviews and 25 4-star reviews, this product sure has caught the fancy of its customers. Most of the reviewwere written months after the actual purchase date and hence give accurate details of its operations. They loved the DCS feature because of which operation was really silent and helped in situations such as early morning workouts when half the house is sound asleep. Being able to adjust the resistance was also a plus.


Considering the features and the reviews from customers, this is the product to consider. The Velocity Magnetic Rower can outperform a lot of machines in its class. The long working life and comfortable operation make for the perfect device one could ask for.