Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Stamina Air Rower Rowing Machine

Stamina_Air_Rower_Rowing_MachineRowing machines come in different types. The mechanism is the same, but the resistance used can vary. Here are some of the main types of resistance systems used. The hydraulic piston, air resistance, magnetic and water resistance; every method has its own pros and cons. Coming over to the Stamina Air Rower Machine which comes with an air resistance system, workouts done on it are par excellence.


Air resistance

As mentioned above that air resistance machines can give great workouts. How so? Air resistance basically operates by generating wind when the hand grip is pulled. This pulling action sets in motion the flywheel within. The harder you row, the more intense your workout will be. This may sound obvious, but there’s more to it than just this. The principles of wind cause harder rowing to increase resistance and therefore expending more of your energy and the opposite holds true as well. When you row easier than the wind generated won’t be enough to create resistance which in turn won’t stress you out.

Display/Control Panel

The display provides users with prompt feedback on the different variables involved in the exercise such as the duration, stroke rate, distance covered while ‘rowing’ and so on. The display doesn’t consume much power and can run easily off 2 AA batteries. Note that you should keep away from rechargeable batteries and also not mix up different, old/new batteries to avoid electrical failure.

Body design and quality

Stamina has not been left behind in this aspect. Durability is a prime concern since workout machines, whether for casual or intense use both require it. The Stamina Air Rower has a sturdy design with reinforced base. Plus the strap which drives the flywheel is made of nylon. That’s the stuff which is used in making cords which pull cars. So you can be assured of the long and maintenance free life of the machine.

Ease of use

The seat is well padded and can help when working out for long. The hand grips are well designed with a ‘pattern’ on it allowing for further grip. Apart from that the device can be folded to half its size and can easily be stored.


  • An important consideration. Price. This machine comes in less than half the cost of a machine in its class of air machines.
  • Durable frame
  • Can be easily stored. All you need to do is fold it which can be done in seconds.
  • The noise of wind generated gives the feel of an ‘intense workout’ session.
  • Places more stress on the weaker parts of the body allowing for uniform strength training.


  • Resistance levels are limited
  • Noisy operation. The wind generated by the churning flywheel can be annoying to others nearby.


Customers were satisfied with the performance of the machine. They mentioned the fact that there isn’t much variety in the exercise and the workout is not exactly balanced. The device placed more stress on some parts of the body and less on others.


The machine is more of a fitness machine than a rower. Sure the mechanism and the operation are the same, but this cannot make for a good substitute when it comes to the feeling of rowing an actual boat. Furthermore, neither does it target those specific muscles involved in rowing alone. Here you’ll find yourself getting a full body workout. This is something most people are okay with, since fitness is their main goal. However, if your goal is intense training, then this is not the best machine for you. But then again this machine was designed keeping in mind the everyday fitness exercisers and is quite well priced.