Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine


What rowing is all about?

Exercise can take on a variety of forms. It involves a lot of variables when deciding upon the outcomes and efforts required. However, when it comes to fitness, anything to get the blood circulating throughout the body will do. Oh, and you also need to get your body into motion and exerting. By keeping in touch with fitness exercises one can maintain good health and live a long, happy, energetic life.

Rowing is a non-impact based exercise which incorporates full body motion. You are using your shoulders, legs, arms, hands; there is stress on the back and a lot more. Often classified as a cardio workout, rowing is the ideal exercise for almost every age group. Coming to the machines, a Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine will provide you that perfect fitness workout every time, leaving you fresh and exhilarated.


Hydraulic type resistance

The Stamina 1215 employs a hydraulic type resistance which allows it to have a compact design. Furthermore this resistance type allows for a quiet and smooth exercise. Maintenance is rarely an issue. At the very worst, you could expect some oil to leak from prolonged usage. Simply place a mat or container so the oil drips into it instead of soiling the floor.

Variable resistance motion arms

The hydraulic pistons, coupled with the motion arms make for a customized exercise. Let’s say you wish to place more stress on one side of the body as compared to the other. Frequently we do tasks with our right hand only and our left hand/side of the body is left behind being comparatively weaker. You can arrange for different resistance on this machine which will allow for stress placement equal to the strength and needs of your body.

Single button feedback display

The Stamina 1215’s display provides the usual data a rowing machine’s monitor does. This includes the duration of the exercise, strokes per minute, distance covered, speed and so on. The LCD is well placed at the edge of the machine and displays only one value at a time to make for easy reading. You can switch using the button or the machine automatically does it every four seconds. A plus is that you don’t need to use a power adapter for it. A single AA cell is all that’s needed.


  • Durable and strong frame.
  • Motion arms offers increased range of motion plus replicate the feeling of rowing on water.
  • Up to five different resistance levels can be selected
  • Hydraulic piston allows for variable resistance for the left and right side. This helps in adjusting resistance according to the stress required to be placed on each side.
  • Adjustable height of seat rail, which will increase resistance automatically


  • The size caters to people of ‘average’ height.
  • Low build quality of wheels beneath the machine.
  • Hydraulic piston resistance varies with each arm. This can give an uncomfortable feel as usually people expect balanced and equal resistance.


Customers didn’t particularly find this device up to the mark. Low build quality such as usage of plastic parts at major stress points made for quick wear and tear which translated into the need to buy spare parts from third party companies and so on. Basically maintenance is must if you want a good life from this machine. Overall, this product was able to satisfy customers.


If you’re into casual fitness then you could go for this device. However, beware of heft maintenance schedules and careful use. Apart from that the variable resistance is something which you could use to improve on weaker parts of the body.