Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Rowing machine workouts

For enhancing the appearance of your body and keeping it fit and healthy, you are required to purchase rowing machine. Your journey toward your goal does not finish after its purchase but it starts. You are to spend less time on a daily basis on the machine. The best workout is the one, in which calories burn at the fastest rate. There are a number of machines available in the market which claim that they will keep you fit and healthy every time you use them. The excessive or wrong exercise may make you feel more stressful and in this way your body may get sick.

There are certain things that determine which rowing workout is the best. You need to take into consideration the following things before and during the workout.

Warm up: It is advisable to warm yourself before starting the workout on the machine. Make yourself ready for it so that, the exercise could become more effective for your body. Warming the body will prepare you for the workout coming ahead.

Do some pushups: Get off the machine and do some pushups before you start rowing. It will enhance your performance on the machine and some flexibility will be created inside of your body.

Use the machine at lower pace: At the very initial stage, it is compulsory that you use the machine at a very lower pace. It is much better not to set resistance in the beginning or if it is, make it lower so that you could now what will happen, if the pace is increased. The beginner should always start with low resistance.

Catch the handle: The handle of the rowing machine is the first and foremost thing in the exercise. Grab it firmly as you come forward. Make sure that when you grab it, your wrists are straight.

Lengthen your arms: Extend your arms fully on the rowing machine and push your feet, which are fasten through the straps on the pads. Lean back slightly after pushing the handle.

Keep your sides straight: After pushing the handle, your elbows should be straight on both the sides, left and right. At this point, the handle should touch your ribs. You first stroke gets completed when it touches your ribs and you follow the previous steps.

Make your body straight: You are on the rowing machine and taking exercise on it requires keeping your body straight, especially the back, which plays a very crucial role in this process. If it is not straight you might have some pain in it. So make sure, when you are rowing your body is straight.

New stroke: As your first stoke completes get ready for the next one. It will be also the same as the previous one. Carry it on till the strokes that you have selected or set completely.

Slower the strokes: At the end of the exercise, make sure that the last two strokes should be slower than the previous ones. It might cause harm to the muscles, if you do it at once. They should be a little slower.

Eat healthy food: There is no need rowing on the machine, if you are not taking care of your food and eatables. Those eatables, which increase the amount of fat in your body will make futile to the whole of the workout. Make it the part of your rowing workout to eat healthy and hygienic food.

A rower should keep these above mentioned guidelines in mind before or during the exercise. It is just the same as you are rowing on the actual water. Keeping your muscles fit and reducing your fat rapidly requires following a sequence. If one does not do so, there is no need to spend time on this machine.