Best Rowing Machine Reviews

ProRower H2O RX-750 Rowing Machine


You are in need of a rowing machine to work out. You need it for fitness. You use it, feel your heart pumping, you’re in the zone and you’re done. This is what rowing machines make one’s routine feel like. Like following a checklist and every activity is done just for the psychological satisfaction of seeing it done on the list. The ProRower H20 RX-750 seeks to present the rowing machine in an altogether new light.

Rowing, the whole motion involved, is based on rowing done in a boat. The RX-750 replicates and provides you that exact experience in the comfort of your home or office without any, and I mean any, additional effort on your behalf.


The original feeling; driven via a water powered system

The RX-750, at its heart, utilizes a “Hydro-Power Drive system. The motion, the progressive resistance; it’s all the same as on water. It’s not just the replication of the original feel that gives the RX-750 an advantage; water, as a liquid, naturally provides resistance which adapts to the pressure applied upon it. As you increase the frequency, the pressure will build up and more resistance will be faced. Slow down the pace and the water calms down as well, giving you a steady workout.

Well designed display screen with different readings

The RX-750’s display features a lot of different options such as details on the time taken to row half a kilometer’s distance, strokes per minute, calories consumed, total exercise time and distance covered and finally a heart rate which receives feedback from the machine’s heart rate recorder. The screen size is huge to help for easy and quick viewing so you can focus on what’s really important, a good workout.

Ergonomic handles

The hand grip is an essential part of the exercise and has accordingly been given attention. The design is such that it places relatively no stress on the arms and wrists so that you don’t tire out quickly.

The body and design

Did you know the RX-750 has a metal body design which not only gives it lasting life but also ensures overall structural stability? Furthermore, the water tank is made from polycarbonate, a material which doesn’t allow for easy breakage. This is an important consideration because a water tank can lead to seepage from even the most minor cracks.


You can get the feel of the machine’s durability from the confidence exhibited by the manufacturer through the warranties provided. You get lifetime guarantees for the frame, 3 for the tank and surrounding seals and 2 for the rest of the parts such as the seat and rail.


  • Works out the whole body
  • Hydro system provides great simulation of the real feeling
  • Assembly is easy and can be easily stored as well
  • Comes with huge warranties


  • The water system can require some getting used to
  • Noisy operation
  • Workout intensity somewhat limited compared to magnetic and flywheel rowers


Customers love the machine as well as the after service. Warranty claims were quickly and properly addressed and resolved. The operation is great and the built-in heart rate detector really helps. In other words, this machine received positive feedback core from most of its cstomers.


A machine in the city which allows you to feel nature through the calming sounds of water. What more could one want. This machine refreshes not only the body but also the mind. Furthermore, for a peace of mind you get excellent warranties. The drawback includes limited resistance levels so if you’re a hardcore enthusiast, then this won’t be the best option for you. Other for average use, this is must have.