Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine review


There are numerous ways to improve the performance of your muscles, but this rowing machine is one of its kind. There is no need to even physically go for rowing. Just order this machine in your home and you will see that you are on the path of success. Keeping your body fit and smart was never this easy before. But now, believe it or not, it is simply by spending time at home.

General overview of the rowing machine and its characteristics

For the better understanding of this machine, it is much better to see the features of it.

Very comfortable: This machine is very comfortable from one part to the other. You just need to have a little knowledge of how to use it; after that you will see how comfortable it gets for you.

Train yourself at home: You are not required to go outside of your home. Just become fit, smart and have your body energetically being at your home. The training procedure is not lengthy and can be done after reading the manual.

Build your muscles: It is the most effective machine for building muscles. It is not a child’s play to make them strong being at your home but now with some minutes exercise on a daily basis will do the work for you.

Training computer: This machine has a training computer, which tells how to use it properly.

Make your choice: It allows you to set the whole of the machine as per your choice. You can change the resistance level or can make the other changes as per your mind.

Various programs available: There are various sorts of programs that are available in the machine. Set the stroke, number of oars, and the resistance level as per your taste.

Comfortable seat: The machine has a very comfortable seat; It can bear the weight up to 250 pounds easily. It is made with durable foam and the whole of the machine will be with you for a longer period of time.

Easy to use: Just read the manual or take the help of the information available in the manual. You will feel a little difficulty in its usage, but with the passage of time, you will get used to it and will be aware where to keep the feet and the whole of the body.

Simple to assemble: It is simple to assemble even a minor can assemble it with a little guidance from the instructions’ manual.

Cheaper: The other machines in the market are expensive than this one, moreover, they do not provide that much benefit to the persons using it.

Audio and video guidance: This machine has the complete guidance system, whether audio or video. It assists you in both the ways.

Straps on foot plates: They are used for the purpose of keeping you free from any danger. Unlike other machine, they give the sensation of tranquility to your feet and then the whole of your body including the legs.


  • Easily portable
  •  Less costly than other machines
  • Solid frame with long handles
  •  Attractive design
  •  Durable battery
  •  Affect the whole body
  •  Number one choice of the customers
  •  Easily available spare parts
  •   Very easy to assemble
  •   No storage problem


  •  The package cannot be changed for a gift or other purpose
  • Take time to get used to

What other customers say about this machine?

If you are interested in purchasing a product, it is much better to see its reviews and the score awarded by the users to it. A product with the score of four or more than that is considered to the best. The feedback score given by the customers to it is four and a half, which shows how effectively, it is helping them.


I would strongly recommend you to purchase this machine to keep the whole of the body fit and healthy. If you are fit that means, you have all the blessings with you. So, get healthy being at your home.