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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


Being at the top of your game is no easy feat. Getting there requires pinpoint precision and dedication. The same can be said for the Model D Rower which is ranked as the top sold indoor fitness machine. And for good reason too. The machine has an array of different features which cater to every aspect of health and fitness, in fact, so many features that you’d be surprised of the areas of the body this machine brings into motion and under stress.

The Concept2 Model D sets the benchmark for what indoor fitness machines should be like. With this device you get fit, engage in healthy activities from the comfort of your home or even the office and also save on costs.

Key Features

Performance Monitor: Simply doing exercise isn’t enough. You need to keep track of your progress to really be able to gauge how much you have gained and accordingly set targets. The Model D Rower does all this for you. It has a performance monitor which will provide reps, intensities, speed and other data conveniently on its screen. The arm can also be moved about for viewing ease.

Damper and Flywheel: Unlike conventional machines, the Model D Rower comes with a flywheel and damper. Why go careful with weights and worry about wear and tear. The flywheel will absorb and seek to minimize the racket by smoothening the motion. The damper is easily adjustable according to your choice of more effort or less.

Sleek, lowered design: The seat being barely over one foot high ensures a low height clearance as well as a sleek overall design.

Easy assembly and disassembly for quick storage and setup: The Model Rower was built considering every aspect of indoor fitness in mind. This includes quick setup and disassembly, considering space can be limited in the rooms. The frame lock mechanism allows for the two parts of the machine to ‘click’ together into one whole. Separated they can be easily stored. The wheels located at the front end allow you to set up the machine into stance easily.

Ease of use; keeping it comfortable: The Rower is quite comfortable to use, what with its fully adjustable footrests and ergonomically designed handles. And in case you’re wondering why they fit so snugly, it’s because the design was well researched in order to reduce stress upon the wrists and arms.

Heavy duty Chain: The chain is the core moving part here. It can be worked heavy duty or casual, will always perform the same. Furthermore the nickel plating allows for better oil retention, allowing for less periodical servicing compared to other chains.

Stainless Steel Track:The same goes to the rail the seat operates upon. It is made out of stainless steel and works in perfect conjunction with all your health and fitness needs.

Heavy duty assembly: The durability of Concept2 machines are of its distinguishing features. These machines, whichever model, are known to withstand extreme workouts and casual fitness exercises alike. Their use in military bases, hostels, gyms and homes are a testament to that.


  • Top rated fitness machine
  • Performance monitor
  • Durable parts


  • The seat cannot be adjusted and can be hard
  • Resistance doesn’t hold, can vary in strokes
  • Lack of programs can make training a chore


With 500 5-star reviews, this device is a sensation in the fitness category. Customers love its performance. The only complaints were regarding comfort such as a hard seat, etc.


Go for it. Buy it. Will meet and surpass your fitness needs. It holds its market value as well for later resale.