Best Rowing Machine Reviews

How to use a rowing machine

The best way of using the rowing machine is the one, which makes you fit and healthy. Once you get used to it, there will be no problem in its usage and you will be able to burn the fat effectively. Just spend a little time in learning how to use it. You will see a clear difference in your body after some minutes’ workout on it. If you do not use the machine properly, it might cause certain back injuries to your body and instead of getting healthy, you will fall prey to the workout you do.

By following certain guidelines, you will be aware how to use a rowing machine. These guidelines are discussed below.

Wear the cloth: You have to wear the formfitting clothes, so that it cannot create any problem during the workout. If you put on something else, that is not suitable for this machine, it might cause damage to you.

Low resistance: For the very first time, the resistance should be at lower levels as you are not aware of its intensity, so it is much better to keep it in some reasonable place. Those who are very experienced rowers keep it at 3 to 5 during the workout. It is better for the newcomer to keep the machine set at 2 to 3.

Tighten your feet: before the workout starts, tighten your feet with the pads by using straps. This will make sure that you do not move here and there during the slide. If you are using the machine for the very first time, use low resistance and when you get used to with the passage of time, then you will face no problem in using it.

Low stroke level: Keep the strokes per minutes at a low rate as well. It should be somewhere from low to mid 20 as well. After that when you maintain your pace on it; you can increase this rate.

Measure your workout: During the workout, you should monitor and measure your time and workout on the machine. In this way, you will be better able to change the display button on your machine. This button will tell you many things, from your strokes per minutes to the amount of calories burnt. At this stage, you can measure the time for the travel you did.

Keep your back straight: Make sure that your back always remains straight for its best use. You need to move your arms, then the upper part of your body. As you extend your arms, the upper part of the body will move from backward to forward. This practice should be done time and again, so that you could get the effective results of using the machine.

Use of legs: The most usage part of the body is your legs and the related muscles. It seems that you are driving a boat; it is just same as you are pulling the oars out of the water for instigating the boat to move forward.

Careful use of the handle: As you move to the end of the machine, you need to pull its handle as well. Pull your hands to take them toward your chest, but make sure that your legs are straight. At this stage your elbows will be pointing towards the right and left sides. It is the same position, where your workout starts, and the very first stroke completes.

Practice: As there is the famous saying, practice makes a man perfect, so you need to know that everything needs some time to be under your control. Same is the case with a rowing machine. There are many rowing machines available in the market, all of them require time to have a full grip on. You need to understand them first by reading the manual or other such instructional things.