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Best Rowing Machines – Fastest Way to Lose Weight

One year back, I was amongst those thousands of other people who came under the category of obese people. My weight was increasing so fast that I was myself worried. It was very strange to have 95KG weight at the age of 16, at least, this is what my parents felt. They thought I was ill so they took me to every single doctor and nutririonist present in our town but all of them said one common thing that I had to decrease the quantity of food I eat. This is the only thing that made me hate all those doctors even that 27 year old Genna that was very beautiful J

My love for fast food is very old and I never thought of leaving this love despite my parent’s efforts. Life was somehow moving slowly when one night I suddenly felt pain in my chest that moved to my left arm. It was like someone is inserting needles in my heart. I was taken to the hospital where doctors told me that I had a minor heart attack and that I could have lost my life if my parents reached hospital 20 minutes late. My parents and I was shocked with this news just the way you are shocked right now.

Most Embarrasing Moments of My Life

My doctor came to me and asked me do I really love pizza and burger more then my parents? It was the most embarrsing moment of my life. He told me how my parents spent those nights in hospital when I was ill. I read somewhere that sometimes even a single indicence can change your life, your way of thinking and your likings. I think this is what happened with me. It was the turning point of my life. I not only controlled my appetite and food intake but also bought an exercise machine after getting fully stable. I was no comfortable going to gym with fat abdomen so I started digging and came to know that rowing macine is best for weight loss.

Note: This report is dedicated to all those people who are facing problems in weight loss. They will surely lose weight easily after reading this report and buying rowing machine.

Here Came The Challenge

My next challenge was to find the best rowing machine. Though, all the manufacturers claim their rowing machine to be est yet it is no true. I already wasted a huge amount of my paarent’s money and even their savings on fast food and then on medica expense so I was very careful while buying the rowing machine. I kept on digging and finally found out top 5 rowing machines that work miracles. I have shared my story with you to give you a lesson and inspiration to perform exercise. This guide is made for those who want to make a change in ther life. You will find a detailed information about rowing machine from its benefits to features everything in this single report. What you have to do is just continue reading.

Rowing machines are now being used worldwide not only by healthy people of all ages to maintain body health but also by the patients of cardiovascular disease as it is equally effective for everyone. It provides a good indoor workout that helps you to reduce your calorie count and burn fats efficiently. Along with that, it is best for keeping and storing at homes because of it occupies very less space. This means that if you have a rowing machine, then you do not need to visit the gym every day as it offer various workouts for full body. Some of the rowing machine benefits include

6 Best Rowing Machines – Results of a Survey

  1. Concept 2 Rowing Machine
  2. Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine
  3. Pro Rower H20 RX 750 Rowing Machine
  4. Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine
  5. Stamina Rowing Machine
  6. Velocity Rower

Following are detailed rowing machine reviews for each of the 6 machines.

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Concept 2 Rowing Machine


This machine is not only designed for heart patients but it is one of the most useful innovations for people who are conscious about their health, physique as well as fitness.

Overview and Features of Product

This extraordinary invention Model D rowing machine has various features that described below:

  1. Design and Performance:

Every Rowing machine has a performance monitor that is specifically designed according to your needs and interests. It provides accurate information and you can easily compare all recorded data in the rows. Along with that it has front legs are made of aluminum and rear legs made of steel.

  1. Fly Wheel and Damper:

These rowers are designed in a way that they have the ability to respond to your strokes and keep you safe from any sort of resistance. Additionally, the fly helps to reduce the noise of rower and makes it smoother.

  1. Mobility and Storage:

The rower of Concept 2 is one of the best rowing machines that can be stored whenever you want. It comprises of two parts that can be separated easily and it can be moved and shifted from one place to another through its caster wheels.

  1. Adjustable Footrests:

To provide convenient and quick sizing, there are also footrests attached to the rowing machine.

  1. Durability:

These rowing machines are durable and have steel framework that enable it to provide full support and creates balance. It can be widely used in gyms, houses, hotels, clubs, training centers etc.

  1. Capacity:

This rowing machine has the ability to hold and manage heavy weights of up to 500 lbs.

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Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine


One of the best ways to reduce weight and to do exercise is through rowing machines as they are the one that burn your calories in less time. Kettler is one of the best rowing machine that has ability to work efficiently and provide you long lasting fitness.

Overview and Features of Product

Following are mentioned some of the important features of Kettler Favorite that makes it far more specialized for you to operate:

  1. Specialized Programs:

The rowing machine has specialized installed programs that assist it to work efficiently and provide accurate speed and strokes. This makes you to control and manage the machine in your own way.

  1. Extra Ordinary Resistant:

Kettler rowing machines have two hydraulic tanks that require more effort and struggle while you work out. This means that the rower is far more efficient than other rowing machines as it helps you to reduce weight as soon as possible.

  1. Display Screen:

These rowing machines have display screens that provide all information of your workout including time, strokes, distance, calories burnt etc. this will keep you update about your progress and work out.

  1. Design:

This rowing machine is designed with a frame of steel to make it more stable and balanced. Along with that there is also ball bearing seat that enables you to slide efficiently and comfortably. These features have made the rowing machine easier to use and handle.

  1. Determination of Heart Rate:

As you exercise and work out, your heart increases. Additionally, the Kettler rowing machine has provided with an ear lobe that helps you to determine your heart rate. This will help you to examine your progress.

  1. Footplates:

This rowing machine has footplates with advanced technology. These footplates can be moved and straps are attached to them in order to ensure safety of the user.

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Pro Rower H20 RX 750 Rowing Machine


You can easily work out at your home as well as at in your office with going out to gyms or any sort of training centers. It is an awesome invention of Pro Power that provides resistance through the water.

Overview and Features of Rowing Machine

Following are the some important features of this rowing machine that will help you to provide support while you work out:

  1. Drive System with Hydro Power:

You can easily do aerobics with this efficient rowing machine. This Pro Rower has a water resistance system that has internal paddles and a tank of polycarbonate water that increases its efficiency and movement. This water creates an extraordinary resistance for which you have to make more effort at a single stroke. This will help you to adjust your rowing speed as well. It is one of the several rowing machine benefits.

  1. Rowing Speed:

You can easily manage your rowing speed by increasing or decreasing the quantity of water in the tank. As you increase the quantity, you will have to put more effort to move it, hence it slows down and vice versa.

  1. Display Monitor:

This rowing machine has an outstanding display monitor that will assist you by providing information about your distance rowed, strokes, heart rate, time of exercise, split time and your burnt calories. The display screen is clear as well as large and provides you information in the way you want. If you want all information together or one by one, it will do that also.

  1. Seats:

This water resistant rowing machine has comfortable cushioned seats for the ease and comfort of the user.

  1. Capacity:

This extraordinary rowing machine has the ability to manage and support weight of up to 359 pounds.

  1. Footrests:

These rowing machines have footrests that can be adjusted at any height you want.

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Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine


This new invention has made easier for people that are facing the problem of obesity because this machine is best for those who want to reduce their weight in short time duration. Its features as well as functions are designed by keeping in mind customers’ requirements and comfort so that this can reduce their fat and burn their calories efficiently.

Overview and Features of Product

The following are mentioned some of the features of the Stamina Orbital rowing machine:

  1. Comfortable Seats:

You cannot easily work out on the rowing machine until and unless its seats are not comfortable. This rowing machine has thick pads that are fixed on seat so that they could provide you enhanced support as well as comfort ability.

  1. Water Resistance:

It has a water resistance system that will help you to burn more fat while you work on the machine. You have to put more effort when the tank is full of water and hence you will burn more calories in less time. Water quantity can be adjusted any time you want.

  1. Comfortable handles:

This machine has comfortable handles that will provide you support as well as comfort while you are doing aerobics or simple workout.

  1. Monitor:

The stamina orbital rowing machine has a display fitness monitor that provides you all information of your workout including strokes, time duration, speed and calories burnt. With the assistance of this rowing machine, you can easily manage your workout by calculating the amount of fats you have to burn in a day.

  1. Warranty:

The Stamina Orbital rowing machine has a warranty that enables you to get service and repair free of cost from the company in case of any issue or problem.

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Stamina Rowing Machine


It is one of the most unique rowing machines available in the market. This extraordinary machine will not only assist you to reduce weight, but it is also best for toning and shaping your body. You have to spend an hour on working out on this machine and it will show surprising effects on your body and health.

Overview and Features of Product

Following are mentioned some of the features of the Stamina Rowing Machine that will help you to reduce your weight and maintain a healthy body:

  1. Display Monitor:

Previously, people have to note the time and their number of strokes while working on the rowing machines but now due to innovations this facility has now been provided by the display monitors. The display monitor will provide and display all information about strokes, calories burnt, time duration, etc. in order provide ease to you while you are on a workout.

  1. Resistance:

These Stamina rowing machines provide an efficient and effective air resistance system through which you can put more efforts and burn your calories in less time.

  1. Smooth Mechanism:

These rowing machines have a smooth rowing mechanism through which you can easily do a proper workout that is without any jerk or noise.

  1. Seat and Handles:

In order to provide comfort and ease to users, Stamina rowing machines have a ball bearing seat that enables the seat to slide. Along with this, the seat has the ability to mold so that it can provide support and creates a balance. The rower has comfortable handles that assist you have a tight grip over them while you do workout.

  1. Footrests and Straps:

This rowing machine has a large sized footrests that provide you ease and can be adjusted according to your choice and requirement. Along with that the footrests have nylon cushions in order to provide comfort while you work out on the rowing machine.

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Velocity Rower


Velocity has introduced a high quality rowing machine that provide health and fitness even at your homes. You can easily enhance your body activity and metabolism through this amazing magnetic rowing machine of Velocity.

Overview and Features of Product

Here are mentioned following features of this magnetic rowing machine:

  1. Magnetic Control:

This high quality rowing machine provides you resistance through a magnetic hold. Along with that it has eight adjustable levels in order to provide support and balance to your body. You can easily adjust the level of rowing machine through the up and down button available on the monitor.

  1. Quality of Build Up:

It has high quality built up that makes it strengthen so that it can provide full balance and support to your body. Along with that, this rowing machine has comfortable seat pads that have the ability to slide.

  1. Footrests:

Velocity rowers are provided with strong footrests through which the rowing machine can be adjusted at any height you want so that it could be easily adjusted according to your body and weight.

  1. Fitness Monitor:

This magnetic rowing machine has display monitor at the base of the machine and along with the side of footrests. This display monitor provides you several updates about date and time, distance, rowing motion, pulse, count up and strokes. In order to provide better display, its monitor has large as well as clear display screen with a backlight in blue. You can easily see all the data on the display screen of monitor.

  1. Mobility and Storage:

You can easily store this rowing machine. You just have to remove the knob. It also has caster wheels that help it to move from one to another.

  1. Capacity:

The magnetic rowing machine has the ability to hold even large weight of up to 275 pounds.

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Things to Focus While Purchasing Best Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are one of the best inventions for people who want to reduce their weight, be fit, healthy and toned. These machines also help you to enhance your strength as well as stamina. Along with all these rowing machine benefits, they are also effective to reduce frustration and stress in people.

Types of Machines

There are many types of rowing machine. You must assess the type of machine you want on the basis of your requirement as well as purpose. Some common types of rowing machines are:

  1. Hydraulic:

These machines have hydraulic tanks or cylinders that will assist you to work out and reduce your fats. Along with that these machines have static handlers and users have to remain in one position throughout their workout.

  1. Water:

The water rowing machines are also one of the most effective and commonly used because they help to put effort, according to the quantity of water in the tank. As the water level increases, you will be required to put more efforts. It needs more struggle and effort so it is best for youngsters and people who want reduce their weight.

  1. Air:

Air rowing machines are mostly used and purchased throughout the world because of their ease of handling and comfort ability. These machines will provide you the most authentic and best experience of work out. These rowing machines are widely used by professionals, training centers and gyms.

  1. Magnetic:

It is also one of the types of rowing machines that work with electromagnetic waves. These machines make no noise while you work out and along with that these machines have constant pressures. You cannot adjust the pressure.

Overview and Features of Best Rowing Machines

People should focus on the following aspects while buying a unique and efficient rowing machine:

  1. Resistance:

All rowing machines provide a type of resistance that includes water, air, hydraulic pressure or magnetic. Customers are required to buy the rowing machine according to their requirement of pressure. In case of people who are old and have age of 60 and above, they should use hydraulic or magnetic rowing machines, while water and air rowing machines require more effort, so they are best for youngsters and people till the age of 60.

  1. Durability:

Purchasing a Rowing machine is a long term investment and you are not required to buy it every month. It is very important that you focus build up and framework of rowing machine. The body and framework must be strong and comfortable for the user to handle and manage it effectively.

  1. Comfort:

It is one of the most important aspects that customers should consider while buying a rower. If a rowing machine is not comfortable and easy to use then you cannot work on it or exercise through it consistently and continuously.

  1. Noise:

Exercise and work out is recommended and suggested because it releases tensions, frustration, anxiety and stress. It must be assured that the rowing machine you are buying is not much noise. Along with that for some people there is an icrease in motivation level when the machine is noisy. This is all dependent on the mood and nature of the user.

  1. Price, Brand and Model:

Before buying a rowing machine, you need to know the prices and various brands of rowing machines. You must buy that rowing machine which will be more affordable and cost effective for you. Every brand has its own features and functions so you should buy the one that has extra features and functions. When you are buying a rowing machine, then the price, brand and model should be based on your need and requirement.

Think About It

We know how hard it is to earn money that is why we have spent time doing in depth research just to find the best rowing machine for you so that your money is spent well.